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Five reasons you should use a Buyer's Agent when building a new home.

New Houses

1. To help you choose the right neighborhood AND builder

Your agent will help you find a great home builder in a community that fits your needs. Instead of starting from scratch with your search, your agent has a network of vendors and home builders. You get to benefit from this network because they more than likely have already worked with great builders they would recommend to match your needs. Even if the agent has not worked with the builder you want to use directly, they have connections within their network to get referrals and recommendations from other clients and agents. Don't waste time with research and meetings, have your agent help you through the process based on what will fit your criteria and be best for your family.

2. To handle all contracts and paperwork

Your agent will handle the contract and all of the paperwork, and they will be sure to review it to ensure that it is in your best interest. They will be able to help you break down the best loan types, purchasing processes, and steps to take that benefit YOU, not the builder. They are, after all, working for you. They'll make sure there are no overlooked terms in a builder's contract that could end up hurting you after you move in or during the building process!

3. To negotiate upgrades and plan modifications

Not only will your agent be able to ensure you get the upgrades and modifications that will best suit your lifestyle, but will also help you make decisions that will increase the value of your home in the long term. Your agent should be an expert negotiator and work with your builder to get you deals on the upgrades you need for your home

4. The builder's agent represent THEM not YOU!

It may seem easy just to pop into an office of a new build, or a builder's office, and use the onsite agent. But keep in mind that this agent works FOR the builder, NOT for you. So they will be working to make sure the builder gets the best deal at the end of the day. By having a buyer's agent of your own, you can ensure there is a professional on your side that can walk you through the process and avoid being taken advantage of during the transaction. If you end up working with a builder who isn't holding their end of the deal, they will have the power to make connections that ensure the builder holds their end of the contract terms.

5. Your Realtor® will continue to represent you AFTER the closing

A Realtor’s job is never done even after the sale is complete. With new construction, you will likely need some fine-tuning with your home after you move in. For example, you may have closed on the home with some uncompleted work. The builder may not have completed the punch list entirely. A Realtor can help with communicating with the builder’s representative. The same would be true if, a few months in, something needs attention that is covered by the builder’s warranty.

What happens if you visit a new construction model without your Realtor®

The answer is you could be out of luck. Once you sign into a builder’s sales office without a Realtor, they may not allow you to have one. The Realtor may not be able to receive a commission, and you may be out of luck having a buyer’s agent represent your best interests. Unfortunately, sometimes nothing is posted anywhere at the builder’s sales center that tells you this. It may be posted in multiple listing services (MLS), but only Realtors will see it. That doesn’t do you much good. Don’t sign your name or provide other contact information when you visit a new construction development. Instead, speak with your Realtor for new construction. Go back and tour the home with your agent present. Having your real estate agent take over will be the wisest thing you can do.

Can I save money if I don't use my own buyer's agent?

Like most other real estate transactions, a realtor will be paid for new construction. Typically, a builder will offer to pay a buyer’s agent a percentage of the commission,  just like in a resale home.

Sometimes buyers will think if they go directly to the builder or the person manning the sales office, they will save half the commission. This is not the case. There will be no benefit in going directly to the builder. They will not discount or give you a rebate because you didn’t come with your Realtor.

Keep in mind the person working in the sales office represents the builder. They don’t represent buyers. So it is commonplace for builders to pay Realtors® a commission for new construction - That means that you as the buyer are represented at no additional cost to you!

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