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Where is "North"?

Where exactly is “North”. For some North is where your cell service and internet connection end, for others it’s a place where you hear less traffic noise and can see the stars brightly at night, and some say that all of Minnesota can be considered North.

Ultimately, the definition of "North" is what anyone wants it to be, but for us up north isn’t a point on a map as much as it is a state of mind. It’s family and friends around a bonfire, it’s sitting on a dock, listening to the loons and watching the sunset, it's the comforts of home- wherever that may be.

We think North can best be described as " A place that exists in the minds eye and not as a clearly defined location". It's something that people feel and have a sense of place.

Find your North.

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Kathleen Axt
Kathleen Axt
26 janv.

Angel zierden posted a private email from me on social media. I would not trust her with any personal information that I didn't want published on the internet

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